Isle of Mull Culture

Mull Sunset Across the Sound Of kerrera from Oban, Scotland

Andy Peutherer uses street art and graphic design techniques fused with the experimental use of traditional and non traditional mediums to express the lyrical, expansive beauty of the Scottish Highlands and islands.

Mull Theatre

Druimfin has been the home of Mull Theatre since 2008. Its development was spearheaded from a need to house Mull Little Theatre in Dervaig, so as a venue it has a creative and performance-centred legacy. This is a space for both production and performance. A set workshop and costume store partner alongside its 100 seat capacity performance space. Up to five Mull Theatre productions start life here every year, and the venue welcomes a further 30 to 40 globally renowned companies also. Both long term residencies and seasonal productions take root at Druimfin, attracting artists and performers of all scopes and sizes. Druimfin has a prolific presence within the community and is also home to Mull Youth Theatre and Tidal Dance.

Website: Mull Theatre

An Tobar

An Tobar was re-born as Tobermory’s creative and cultural beacon in 1996. This stunning building still embodies the character and learned roots of its Victorian school heritage. It is now home to artists, performers and audiences all year round. Hosting 50 yearly exhibitions, gigs and shows, this creative sanctuary both fosters and showcases arts of all movements and mediums. A family of workshops, studios, recording rooms and performance spaces are home to artists of all veins, each with access to a creative space and the resources to develop and perform.

Website: An Tobar

Mendelssohn on Mull Festival

The Mendelssohn on Mull Festival is an annual chamber music festival held in various venues on the Isle of Mull and the surrounding area, usually during the first week in July each year. The festival takes its name from a visit by the composer Felix Mendelssohn to Scotland in 1829. Although only twenty years old, Mendelssohn was already an established composer and conductor. The natural beauty of Scotland and its rich history of fact and fable delighted the young composer and inspired his Symphony No. 3, Scottish. Mendelssohn stayed in Tobermory on Mull en route to Staffa where he visited Fingal's Cave. The concert overture known both as The Hebrides and as Fingal’s Cave was composed shortly after his visit, and was originally entitled 'The Lonely Island'. Mendelssohn sent a postcard to his family with the opening phrase of the overture written on it. In a note to his sister, Fanny Mendelssohn he said: "In order to make you understand how extraordinarily the Hebrides affected me, I send you the following, which came into my head there."

The festival that now bears his name was conceived as a musical pilgrimage in commemoration of Mendelssohn’s visit.

The festival was founded in 1988 by the violinist Leonard Friedman, as a week of music-making, concentrating on string chamber music, where the participants were a blend of established professionals and students, at which audiences were welcome at no cost. Following Friedman's death in 1994, the festival has maintained this pattern with artistic direction being provided by Levon Chilingirian (2003–2016), and the Doric String Quartet (2018–).

The festival is administered by a trust which organises the events and pays the expenses of the participants and professionals. Since 2016 the festival has been administered by Sound Waves SCIO.

Mendelssohn on Mull tutors also teach violin and mentor the local children.

Website: Mendelssohn on Mull Festival

Scotland the Movie - Mull

Part of the appeal of movies filmed in Scotland is the spectacular scenery of mountains and lochs seen in the background and in some cases center stage of many movies. Leading to the perennial question: "where was that scene filmed?"

Scotland the Movie Location Guide seeks to answer that question. It is the most complete and detailed guide to Scottish filming locations available anywhere - either on the internet or in book format. It is fully illustrated with maps and many photographs to enable anyone to visit the filming locations either on the ground or on a virtual tour. You can look for movie locations either by name of the movie or via one of the many interactive location maps available.