About Maggie's Farm

Henny Penny rules the roost!

Life began quietly on Maggie’s Farm, when in 1993 a beautiful black Bantam, wild as the wind, refused to leave with the rest of the flock when the former owner of Aros Mains moved away. Brian and I tried not to have her, but to no avail. She set up house, under a bush in the front garden, and produced 28 eggs before we realised what was going on! That is how we became smitten and Henny Penny allowed us to share her home with her.

Hens are wonderfully relaxing creatures who not only provide you with an amazing source of food, but also sooth you while you work, or sit, in the garden, with their little song conversations.

We now have a small mixed flock, numbering 11, of Orpingtons, White Sussex, Marans and Bantams.

The eggs are large, with fabulous orange yolks and wonderful flavour. They are gathered on a daily basis and placed in our little hen cabinet at the entrance of Cottage 3.

We have an honesty box and charge £1.20 per ½ dozen.
Mind you, you have to be quick though because these eggs are extremely popular.

We hope you enjoy the hens and produce as much as we do.